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Our 5 Promises

Promise #1: Be Shenandoah
We are proud to be Raiders of Shenandoah. We are the biggest advocates
for our school, our students, our colleagues, and our community. We strive
to be the premier school district in Indiana.
Promise #2: Service
We smile and seek joy in our work together. We strive to listen to our
students, colleagues, parents, and all stakeholders to understand their needs
and do our best to help meet their high expectations of us. We are here to
serve each other, our students, and our community.
Promise #3: Care
We work to build healthy relationships with our students, parents,
colleagues, and our community. We treat others with respect, dignity,
courtesy, and transparency. We care for our facilities, equipment, and
resources responsibly.
Promise #4: Innovate, Develop, & Grow
We support the development, continuous improvement, and growth of all
staff & students. We encourage a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to teaching
and learning while celebrating and recognizing the great work of our staff
& students.
Promise #5: Win Together
We know the value of each member of our team and know that nothing
happens because of one person. Each of us plays a critical role in achieving
our goals. We work to build a culture of support, fun, growth, and winning.