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SSC Technology Dept.

Current Technology Initiatives
Student Devices
  • All K-1 Students are issued an 8th generation iPad with case
  • All 2-5 Students are issued a Dell Latitude 3190 Chromebook
  • All 6-12 Students are issued a Dell Chromebook 3100
  • All student devices are filtered both on and off school grounds
  • All student devices are take home devices
Teacher Devices
  • All Teachers are issued a Dell Latitude 3390
  • K-1 Teachers are also issued an iPad for interactive instruction in the classroom
Classroom Technology
  • All classrooms are equipped with either a projector or Flat Screen TV
  • All classrooms are equipped with the ability to project wirelessly
  • Nearly all classrooms are equipped with the ability to allow the teacher to be equipped with a microphone
  • PowerSchool is used at SSC as the Student Information System
  • Canvas is utilized at SSC as the Learning Platform
  • Numerous other resources are used to amplify the learning experience
Student Device Care
Students are responsible for maintaining a 100% working device at all times. The student shall use reasonable care to ensure that the device is not damaged - see the Standards for Proper Use and Care PDF below.  In the event of damage not covered by the warranty, SSC reserves the right to charge the Student or Parent(s) the full cost for repair or replacement when the damage occurs due to negligence, loss, or theft.  Parents interested in purchasing additional device coverage should check with their personal insurance provider.